Getting here

Getting Here: Transportes Otavalo has four buses that go to Intag daily: at 7:30 am10 am2 pm and 4:30 pm.  (The 4:30 pm bus, however, would be too late to get here before dark.)   A second company, Transportes 6 de Julio, has buses at 12pm and 3pm.  You should buy your ticket in advance and specify that you are going to the community Santa Rosa before Pucara–there is another Santa Rosa further along the route. Your stop is ordinarily the second one in Santa Rosa de Pucara.  Get off in front of the schoolyard with a yellow church and green school building.  (It’s a good idea to ask your fellow passengers and the bus driver where to get off if you have any doubts.)  The drive from Otavalo takes about an hour and a half and costs $2.25.

If you are in a private car, then you should travel to the laguna Cuicocha and then on to Intag.  Do not follow Google Maps instructions.  Their map does not include the newly paved road to Intag.  When you get to Santa Rosa, you can ask for directions on how to get to Sra. Sandra at La Florida. I’m happy to write you more detailed instructions when you confirm your reservation.

The cabins are  a 45-minute walk from the bus stop.  If you need a ride, I can arrange it: $7 to the bridge.  From the bridge a 15-minute walk on the trail takes you to the reserve. I can meet you at the bus stop or I can arrange for someone to meet you.