We have been receiving guests at the Intag Cloud Forest Reserve since 1990.  The cabin is designed especially for small groups or couples.

The cabin sits on the edge of a forested slope with a commanding view across the valley.  It sitting area has glass windows and hammocks hung in a screened area.  The cabin has two  bathrooms with solar heated showers. An orchiderium is located behind the cabin.  The river is a 15 minute hike away.  Birds are often observed around the cabin. The cabin has wifi.

In addition to exploring the Intag Cloud Forest Reserve, visitors can take the bus to the communities of Plaza Gutierrez and Apuela. The thermal baths of Nangulvi are a half-hour bus ride from the main road.  This is rural tourism at its best.

Santa Rosa in the Zone of Intag, Ecuador.  The community is made up of 30 families living on isolated farms. Since everyone has to walk on the public trails, this is where you often meet your neighbors.  Many of the women are artisans who weave and crochet using sisal, here called cabuya, from the green agave.  It is possible to visit the women and purchase their products.

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